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Down like the setting sun

I love Sunsets. I love the shifts in light; dusk and dawn, full as they are with a vivid celebration of orange , peach, pink and red, mauve , pinky blue, violet hues and Vincent like puffs of silver and gold fluffy like fairy floss floating in the sky. And I love the shifts from day to night because they fill me with a sense of awe and wonder , to be alive, to witness life, to simply be in the  moment and enjoy the show. And it’s real, unlike social media which is fake, and I don't mean the people and how we chose to represent some aspect of our being, no I mean the world of bots and algorithms designed to direct you away from the present moment and the wonder around you. Designed to modify your behavior and your beliefs, to shock you into buying back some piece of peace and comfort, and designed to keep you logged into the machine as long as possible so the algorithms can track your searches, your likes, you psychology and then train you like a dog to salivate at the ring of its bell. Sunsets are way better. I’ve been playing a few Sunset gigs of late and really enjoying that moment of singing down the sun.  When I'm next in your hood or if you're ever in mine, come and share in a moment of real beauty with me- a meaningfulness that you can trust to be as fleeting as life itself, with no desire to track you. Although I will be trying to sell you something, as I am now. Ah it’s a complex transaction is this…. Give me likes and feed my addiction, buy my music and feed my family.

Oh yes in case you're wondering I've been reading '10 arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now' by Jason Lanier. It's without a doubt a compelling and important read.

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