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Escalating Ruination falling May 1

‘Escalating Ruination’ - the first single from our ‘Falling’ album is due to be released on all the usual platforms May 1. It was the first song we wrote for the album and the glue of the whole project. Cam and I sat down with guitars in hands and bashed out the chord changes. I sang a little melody idea and recorded it for future reference. We went our own ways that night. I went off and wrote a poem. The first I’d written in a while . I’d been experiencing writer’s block and had become hyper critical of everything I was doing. I began reading Jeff Tweedy’s book, ‘How to write one song’. It was a lovely read. So beautifully human and a nice reminder of my own values regarding creativity. It gave me the confidence to start trusting the whole process of splatting ink onto a page and letting it unfurl its own uniqueness and wisdom in the freedom of play. The poem didn’t fit the melody I’d recorded earlier, but I liked the poem, it felt honest and made me cry, so that was a start. The next morning Cam sent me through a demo with all the parts arranged. I was blown away. It was so inspiring. I went straight into the studio and just sang the words I’d written for the poem in a whatever melody it wanted me to make, letting most of the old melody go. I sent it to Cam and he totally related to the story and shared a similar experience. It was the bonding that brought the whole album together. When we began the project it was just to write one song together for my new album, but in the excitement of this first we both sent each other a bunch more song ideas and it was soon clear we had to make album. All this started last July when I was home with the flu. The sickness was most certainly transformed into something else. This song feels like a good place to start the journey. ‘Escalating Ruination’ falling May 1, 2024. With heart, Andy

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