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I wrote this on toilet paper this morning, feel free to wipe your arse with it.

To suffer is to be human; it is by nature inevitable, and therefore unremarkable in itself, but how we endure that suffering and how as innately creative beings we turn that suffering into imaginings of beauty and meaning - this for me has always been super-wonderful and has always enabled me to peer beyond the dark curtain of mortality that can obscure that ever-beautiful and fascinating spark of eternal creation. 

The world is in a state of decay it is true, but every day is an opportunity to create dazzling beauty and meaning from entropy. 

When in the face of the wind, the tenuous flame of mortality flickers uneasily, may the mind be comforted by ones absolute, inalienable at oneness with the singularity of all universal creativity.

May the simplicity of a slang word, an unusual question, a quick wit, a random act of kindness, the evolution of a birds colourful feathers and the wonder of spontaneity in dances of seduction forever remind you of the breathtaking and spectacular creative beauty that is the core of your very being. 

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