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Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

There's been so much written about this album I'm not sure I can add anything, 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'.

Over the years I've read quite a few books on The Beatles, one of my favourite's is ' Revolution in the head - The Beatles music and the sixties - by Ian MacDonald' - well worth a read.

One of my first memories of life is watching 'A hard days night' cartoons on our Black and White television in the morning before my brother had to leave for school. 

The Beatles were a intrinsic part of my development as a result. When I revisited their albums with absolute awe and wonder in my teens and early twenties, it seemed their albums were an endless stream of creative inspiration. 

I love the beatles! 

All five of them - including George Martin.

I don't have a favourite.

Like the Rolling Stones it's the synergy - it's the magic in the mix. 

This song is a great example of the synergy. 

What an incredible group of artists. 

What an incredible album.

What an incredible song. 

You can really go on a journey with The Beatles music, listening chronologically. 

It's around the Revolver album that they start to get wildly creative with the form of pop music, introducing tape loops in 'Tomorrow Never Knows' taking on board some of the concepts of 'musique concrete'. Their minds were alive with possibility and art and LSD too if the tales be true, but it's their natural sense of honesty, playfulness, humour and self expression which speaks to me most. The pathway to art is no linear journey, it's made of wondrous fragments, keep safes and souvenirs, of sleeping in gutters and marvelling stars and of consuming great ideas and boldly speaking back - it's an improvised conversation at the deepest level where the heart and mind are one. 

Sgt Peppers was certainly a great leap forward for popular music and what's more should've included Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, which had been released as a double sided single under pressure to put something out. 

It's an album I can go back to again and again and discover something new every time. 

'A day in the life' was the first song they tracked and certainly set the tone for the bold album they were about to make. 

I love it to pieces.

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