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'The Secret's Out' Single and Music Video

Welcome to a world where ancient Pharaohs meet modern-day oligarchs, where hieroglyphs evolve into tweets, and where the lines between truth and fiction blur in the dazzling hue of political spin. There’s a little truth in every lie as the lie reveals it’s truth.

Here’s my latest single and film clip, ‘The Secret’s Out’ from my upcoming and soon to be released album, ‘Falling’.

Like moths to a flame, drawn through light to a penultimate darkness we fall; we fall in love, Empires fall, we fall for lies and charismatic spin doctors. We fall in love with our own biases, smitten with the comforting lies that align us with our own prejudices.

The song opens with the line, “I got a tale to tell you, some of it might even be true.” The author is lying, but the medium he uses is so potent and legitimate, and he wears a charismatic magician’s top hat and has a  hypnotic spinning wheel behind him, so what he says just simply must be true.


I really hope you enjoy the show.

Single out on all platforms at the strike of midnight in just 3 short hours. Save it to your lists. Share it with your friends.

To go in the running to win a free signed vinyl copy drop by my YouTube- link in bio , subscribe and leave a comment. Wishing you all the very best of days and nights always. With heart, Andy #newsingle #newmusic #newmusicvideo #thesecretsout  #indierock #indiemusic #andyjansbrown #cameronspikeporter #falling

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