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'Falling’ is the fourth album of celebrated multi-disciplined artist, Andy Jans-Brown. The album is an Indie Rock anthem that delves deep into the myriad ways we experience the act of falling. From the intoxicating plunge into love's embrace to the crumbling of empires; from the whimsical folly of the fool to the siren call of propaganda, that allure of deceit to the innocence of our naivety.


‘Falling’ has been praised by Keyline Magazine as "an indie rock masterpiece," the album promises to be a significant addition to Jans-Brown’s three other critically acclaimed albums.
The ensemble features Andy Jans-Brown’s evocative vocals and acoustic guitar, complemented by Cameron Spike-Porter’s layered electric guitars and bass, and David Ely’s robust drumming. The production was brought to life at Prawn and Spanner Studios in Goonengerry, NSW, Australia where Christian Pyle mixed the tracks with a brilliant touch, and was mastered by Adam Dempsey.

'Falling' Vinyl double album by Andy Jans-Brown & Cameron Spike-Porter

SKU: 200
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