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Alive She Cried The doors

This album was recorded the year of my birth but not released for a quite a few years after.

The first time I heard this album I was 13 and it set my heart and mind on fire.

Although I didn't discover this band until I was 13, the album was recorded in 1970 so it's next on my list.

An older boy, Dean Candy, who first come into my family home via my older brother, quickly became one of my heroes. He was a cheeky character who could always make me laugh.

He'd already left school and was on the dole. He didn't want to work. I guess you'd call him a bludger, but to me at age 13, he was beacon of light in a world of darkness.

He took me under his wing and taught me how to hunt rabbits using a bow and arrow.

I lived right on the fringe of suburbia in a dead end street, where just over that barbed wire was a world of rolling green to wander through and day dream in.

Dean showed up one day with a cassette. 

He was excited and wanted to show it to me straight away.

My head exploded as the energy and power of the music blasted through those pioneer speakers. It was a mix of pure sex and anger, philosophy and freedom, carnival and nostalgia, such as I had never heard before.

Yet it also seemed strangely familiar as though I'd always known it.

It was Rock, it was Blues, it was Cabaret, it was Jazz,it was poetry, it was theatre, it was an improvisation, it was chaos, it was a burning star exploding in a night sky - it was a drug and I was high!

There was no greater hero as a disenfranchised, rebellious 13 year old suburban white boy from a broken home than Jim Morrison. 

"Five to one baby, one to five, no one here gets out alive, they've got the guns, we got the numbers, we're gunna win, yeah we're taking over, come on yeah!"

I bought the whole thing hook line and sinker.

I was down at Brashs the next day and begun buying up every doors album I could get my hands on.

But the first was this one, which had been side one of Dean's Cassette. 

Live at the Hollywood Bowl or 'Alive She cried' as the album is called. 

The very first song I heard was a a resurrection of the Van Morrison hit 'Gloria'. 

Jim taking to that stage like Dionysus reborn.

Of course as an adult reflecting back on Jim Morrison I see a lost kid still discovering himself, testing the boundaries and looking for a place to call home, but as a 13 year old he was a god. 

I saw a great doco where Jefferson Airplane recount a European Tour the did with the doors in 1968.

There's footage of Ray having to sing the concerts coz Jim is curled up in a ball, fragile in the corner, overwhelmed by the cocktail of 60's psychedelia, touring and the myth of himself. 

We've all been that guy or girl, overly excited by the big party and then having a good friend hold your hair out of your face whilst you drive the porcelain bus.

"Ride that snake Jimmy, ride that snake."

But Jim spoke to me, to millions of us on a very deep level and the music of the doors was the perfect vehicle for his passion, his theatre and his poems - there's no doubt. 

What a great band.

I went on on to read Huxley's 'doors of perception' , Blake's 'marriage of heaven and hell', Rimbaud, Baudelaire and Castaneda, breaking on through to a whole new perspective of reality where to quote Blake "the road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom and in order to know when you've had enough, you need to have too much".

Meeting Dean and being introduced to Jim Morrison and the doors altered the very course of my consciousness there is no doubt.

So without further adieu - day 2 The doors 'Alive She Cried' and here's track one 'Gloria'.

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